Andrés Herrera brings to the Costa Rica luxury team significant expertise in commercial real estate, obtained from his 20 years of banking experience, as well as his agriculture education at the University of Costa Rica and his additional work experience. 
Since 1998, Andrés worked for an important international bank in Costa Rica in the corporate and real estate financing areas. He particularly was involved in construction financing, as well as term financing of the main commercial (office centers, industrial parks, and commercial centers) and hospitality (city and beach hotel) projects in Costa Rica. Andrés also has experienced and knowledge in a variety of farming activities, both intensive and extensive operations.

With this expertise and the significant network of contacts, Andrés is able to provide Costa Rica Luxury’s customers, not only professional real estate broker services, but also financial advice and objective valuation estimates on a variety of commercial and farming activities, in order for customers to make objective and profitable real estate investments.
Andres is proactive, perseverant, discipline and patient, important characteristics of the most successful commercial real estate experts. With absolute integrity and an unqualified commitment to excellence, Andres represents high-level clients in the commercial and hotel industry.